Martian Dice Game



The rules are pretty straight forward. For every roll of the dice you have to take all the tanks, and then you have to take one of the remaining types of dice. You can always take rays, but each of the earthling types can only be taken once. After taking, you’ll have the choice to re-roll or stop playing. If you choose to show expected scores, it’ll show the expected score for each roll and for taking each different type of die. Here’s an image to an example turn, and a full descripition of the rules simple as well.


The game comes with thirteen dice in the box. But, I’ve set up the game to have a configurable number of dice, with a maximum of twenty-six.


I decided I wanted to play around with server side scripting, javascript, ajax, etc…, and in order to do it I decided to expand a bit on the examination of Maritan Dice I’d done in a previous post. This simple game would help me figure out how to get all the different network compentents working together before I attempt something more complicated.